Press for The Slow Reveal

"A shining example of the possibilities of percussion. The Slow Reveal is full of virtuosic performances and detailed post-genre compositions that flow along effortlessly—consistently revealing fresh and inviting sonic ground. If you’ve never listened to a percussion-centric record, this is where to start."
— Glenn Kotche (Wilco)


"The Slow Reveal has moments of Reich, Beach House, Explosions in the Sky, and gamelan—and anyone who likes any of that music will like this album. It seems like ensemble, et al. has developed their own language that lets them move around these different musical spaces and recombine them in all kinds of satisfying and surprising ways."
— Eric Beach of Sō Percussion


"Now, with its aptly titled second album, The Slow Reveal, ensemble, et al. seals its transformation into one of New York’s least definable, most original and compelling young groups."
Steve Smith (The Log Journal)


"The LP is a slightly sped up film of a flower opening itself up to the sun, each petal and tendril revealing new melodies and nuance and polyrhythm."
PASTE Magazine


"For the John McEntire-produced The Slow Reveal the guys milk their percussive panache for a truly adventurous set whose sparkly strains and modal measures will ignite listeners’ imaginations."


"New York percussion quartet ensemble, et al. refract minimalism through a postrock lens, but stake out their own turf through the corkscrewing rigor of their compositions."
Peter Margasak (Chicago Reader)


"a percussion quartet who takes a broad view of what percussion might include and draws on different musical streams from minimalism, to a post-rock aesthetic, ambient and a touch of world music...rhythmic stuff galore!"
John Schaefer (WNYC, New Sounds)


"ensemble, et al’s new album The Slow Reveal ... blends hypnotically gamelanesque ripple and cinematic sweep, with the occasional tricky detour into postrock metrics."
New York Music Daily


"Steve Reich comes to blows with his gamelan daddies. God bless this album."
KVRX Austin


"The thing that sets ensemble, et. al apart from other post-rock bands ... is [their use of] percussion to weave their ethereal grooves, with the chiming sound of vibraphone and glockenspiel playing an important role. ... the group knows how to write layered pieces that develop organically. The compositions have an immediate melodic quality, but also enough details to warrant solid immersion and the tasteful use of keyboards compliments a sound that is worth holding on to. The Slow Reveal convincingly [explores] the endless possibilities that lie in the use of percussion."
All About Jazz